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Pregnancy Care is essential ...

By caroline
March 29th, 2013
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About 80% of the benefit of pregnancy care is for the baby; and we are very proud to say that all of our patients who had pregnancy care have commented on how content and happy their babies are. They all sleep through the night from the very early days, are very alert and have developed quicker as well.

Care during pregnancy is very important and absolutely essential in Chinese culture. There has been a lot of scientific research that suggests the importance of antenatal care for building the foundation of a person's health. This will determine their well being for the rest of their life.

Please refer to the BBC Programme, Horizon - The Nine Months That Made You. It is based on research pioneered by British scientist, Professor David Barker. Read all about it here.  

In addition, the pregnancy care will help women to enjoy this special time, free them from most of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy and assist in ensuring a smoother and easier labour.


Acupuncture works !

By caroline
March 29th, 2013
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Acupuncture is a mainstream form of medical treatment in China and has a very long history dating back to 3000 BC ! Over the years, the practice has evolved into a modern and well accepted form of medical treatment for all sorts of ailments. The key difference compared to Western medicine is the emphasis on the treatment of the cause of any ailment as opposed to treating the symptoms.

Google it !

There has been widespread research into acupuncture ... but the most convincing truth is from the countless reports from patients all over the world testifying to its effectiveness. If you are still not convinced, then visit our links page and read all about acupuncture from Wikipedia. There is also a link to a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) about acupuncture.

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