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Fertility & Pregnancy

Latest Update (September 2023)

At present, I am working at reduced hours, therefore I am unable to take on any new patients.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Caroline has a special interest in fertility and pregnancy and is one of the few acupuncturists affiliated with the Zita West Clinic. She has helped many couples seeking help with

    • Male and Female Infertility
    • Assisting IVF
    • Inducing labour
    • Turning breech babies
    • Ante-natal and Post-natal Pregnancy care
    • … and many more


Over the past years, we have been overjoyed to hear of the many successes our patients have had with conceiving a baby. Some of them are pictured above.

Read our Announcements page for all the little ones we have helped …


Care during pregnancy is very important and absolutely essential in Chinese culture. There has been a lot of scientific research that suggests the importance of antenatal care for building the foundation of a person’s health. This will determine their well being for the rest of their life.

Please refer to the BBC Programme, Horizon – The Nine Months That Made You. It is based on research pioneered by British scientist, Professor David Barker. Read all about it here.  


Here is what our patients have to say …

I first came to Caroline after suffering from recurrent miscarriages and investigations had unfortunately not found any reason for them. My husband and I had pretty much resigned ourselves to accepting we were not able to have children but I had heard of the benefits of acupuncture in relation to fertility so approached Caroline to see if she could help with our situation.

After my initial consultation with Caroline I felt a renewed hope that having a successful pregnancy could possibly happen. Caroline's knowledge and understanding really reassured me and I had complete confidence in her.

Within six weeks of sessions I fell pregnant. Naturally I was worried particularly in my first trimester but seeing Caroline and having her to advise on various factors and worries was amazing. I came to truly rely on her advice and guidance.

Having Caroline's support through every milestone of my pregnancy was invaluable and my husband and I are now very proud parents to our baby girl. We are so grateful to Caroline and have no doubt that we have her to thank. We would not hesitate to recommend Caroline to anyone else in a similar situation.

Thank you Caroline for all you have done for us, we are eternally grateful.

Mrs H, Farnborough
After trying for a baby for 2 years our consultant told us IVF was the next step and we joined the waiting list. I met with Caroline to prepare my body, however she thought it would be still be possible to fall pregnant naturally.

She is so knowledgeable and really helped me to feel positive and hopeful again. After only a few weeks I fell pregnant! I continued to see Caroline for weekly sessions for my entire pregnancy and acting upon her advice.

Our little boy arrived only 3 days late and we cannot thank Caroline enough and attribute our success to her.

Mrs E
I cannot thank Caroline enough for the care and support she gave me after trying to conceive for over a year and suffering a miscarriage.

I felt I could confide in her and I just knew she was in touch with my body. Caroline knew straight away the source of my problem and was honest and realistic about my chances of conceiving.

After 4 months, I fell pregnant and she already knew before I took the test! I continued to see Caroline throughout my pregnancy and she told me so much about how my baby was growing and that she would be a very calm baby and she was right!!

I am so grateful to Caroline for helping me and caring for me and my beautiful little girl!

I will miss her dearly but would not hesitate to see her again.

Ms N
I came to Caroline after two failed IVF treatments, she started treatment on me prior to my third attempt. She was so knowledgable, kind and gentle and really filled me with a lot of confidence that she could help me, I felt instantly reassured that she could assist me and gave me a lot of advice about IVF and fertility, I was taken aback by her knowledge and positivity.

After my third IVF treatment and all of Caroline's help I am now 37 weeks pregnant and waiting the arrival of our baby girl! Not only did Caroline ensure that the IVF worked but she gave me constant advice and treatment during my pregnancy which has gone very smoothly and is now working on ensuring I have a good birthing experience. I can't thank Caroline enough for her help, I always really looked forward to my appointments with her and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

Ms L
After many years of suffering with painful periods due to endometriosis I decided to visit Caroline as it was the one treatment I had not tried.

I had also experienced recurrent miscarriage and although I was blessed with one child already, I had hoped to be able to give her a sibling. Mainstream medicine and investigations had proved fruitless and I did not want to follow the invasive regime they were proposing.

After only a few sessions, my period cycles had halved in length from 9 days to less than 5 and my symptoms in between were much improved.

Caroline advised me on dietary approaches to assist her treatment and I soon conceived and carried a baby to full term. I carried on having treatment during pregnancy not only to reduce the risk of further miscarriage but also to assist with symptoms of Symphis Pubis Dysfunction and pregnancy nausea.

Treatment helped these considerably and also enabled me to have a short and manageable labour at home with no pain relief. I only wish I had visited Caroline sooner and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone experiencing menstrual/hormonal or fertility issues.

Ms L
I first came to see Caroline after seven miserable years of trying to get pregnant. I was recommended to come and see her by a friend of a friend who was amazed at how Caroline helped her post chemo therapy.

After two failed attempts with ivf, no care or explanation was given as to why it failed. I was desperately low! Then I met Caroline,she completely turned my world around and lifted me out of a very dark hole.

Caroline told me my problem was my immune system,this was preventing me from conceiving . After weekly treatments to lower my immune system and stress levels I decided to take the plunge and try another round of ivf!

I was desperately scared but Caroline gave me the confidence to try again. She was also determined that this time it was going to work!

My husband and I could not believe it when I became pregnant. It was something we thought was never going to happen for us.

We are now the very proud parents of Millie, our beautiful baby girl

We owe Caroline so much. She is genuinely the most friendly, caring and knowledgeable person I know.

I also need to say how fantastic Sylvie and Sandy are. They put me at ease from day one with there friendliness and positivity.

They would move heaven and earth to get an appointment that is suitable for you. This is no easy task as Caroline is always fully booked!

Thanks again to you all for making myself and my husband the happiest people on the planet!

Ms C
Under the recommendation of a friend who had received acupuncture whilst going through IVF treatment, I decided to also seek acupuncture treatment to complement the IVF treatment.

I am so grateful to Caroline for all of her support and helping towards making our dream of becoming parents a reality. She is friendly, caring & definitely knows her stuff!

I would not hesitate in recommending Caroline to anyone who is struggling to conceive.

Mrs S
After trying to conceive our second child for 3 years, my husband and I finally made the huge decision to undergo a round of IVF treatment and I decided to seek acupuncture treatment to complement the IVF.

After my initial telephone conversation with Caroline I knew I would be in good hands, she was so positive and reassuring about what I was about to undergo. My first treatment was incredibly relaxing and Caroline was full of good advice about other areas of my life that I could improve that would help the treatments.

I became a regular visitor to the clinic and always felt cared for and supported by Caroline, Sylvie and Sandy. After a bumpy 6 months of IVF and frozen embryo transfers I successfully became pregnant last summer.

Our beautiful and long wished for little boy was born in March, 2014. Caroline's support, advice and treatments have helped me through a tough year.

I will be recommending her to everyone I know and will not hesitate to return to her with any future aliments I may develop.

Thank you Caroline, words fail to express my gratitude to you.

Ms L
My husband and I had been trying for a baby for over a year when I came to see Caroline, through the recommendation of a friend. We had just started the first stages of fertility testing with our GP and local hospital.

I have always been open to complimentary therapies and felt that I needed treatment for both my body and mind while trying to conceive. And the fact that Caroline is Zita West affiliated, was an added bonus.

I warmed to Caroline immediately at the first consultation. She is both professional yet down to earth and very easy to talk to. I was amazed that she was able to tell me some of some of the issues contributing towards our fertility struggle. But from that first appointment, she gave me hope and confidence that she could get my body back on track.

I started seeing Caroline on a weekly basis and almost immediately could feel the benefits and changes, especially with my menstrual cycle. About 8 months later we had our first IVF cycle and were thrilled that I fell pregnant!

I truly believe that my weekly treatments with Caroline, along with a healthier lifestyle, had prepared both my body and mind for the IVF, which was a success. I have carried on with the acupuncture all throughout the IVF and into my pregnancy, and will do so until I give birth in about 6 weeks!

Caroline really is amazing in what she does and I have a lot of trust in her. She has been so reassuring through the whole process, which has really helped, especially in those early weeks of pregnancy, which can be an unnerving time.

She has always believed in me and leaves me feeling positive and relaxed after each session. She was able to take the edge off the morning sickness in the beginning and now also the back ache in the later stages. She has given me loads of advice on nutrition, pep talks on labour and birth and good tips on breastfeeding.

I really feel that Caroline is more than just my acupuncturist and that she has become a friend.

The location in Fleet is great with plenty of parking and easy access. The two receptionists, Sylvie and Sandy are both really lovely, so friendly and welcoming and will do their best to get you appointments to suit or make changes if need be (not an easy task as Caroline is so popular and always fully booked!).

The treatments rooms are modern, clean, cosy and relaxing with lovely soft music throughout.

I love going to my weekly appointments to see Caroline and will miss going once our baby is born. But I do look forward to going back to visit and show off our little bundle of joy - and to see if Caroline's prediction was right!

I would not hesitate to go back to Caroline for anything in the future and can highly recommend her, whatever your health issues may be.

Thank you Caroline, words cannot describe how grateful I am for all that you have done for me.

Ms S
I started seeing Caroline to help me with fertility issues as I had seen that she was affiliated with the Zita West Clinic in London and one of my friends had been treated successfully by her. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for over 2 years to avail. We had tried various medical treatments which had not helped and my cycle was completely unpredictable.

Caroline was so understanding and very reassuring from our first meeting. She suggested it might take a few months but was confident that she could help. Throughout my treatment she was very supportive and gave me lots of lifestyle advice as well as providing the acupuncture treatment.

I fell pregnant after about 5 months and continued treatment through my pregnancy. Caroline was particularly brilliant in treating my hip pain which disappeared after one session! I also had a very quick and straightforward labour, just as Caroline had promised!

I am now blessed to have a gorgeous little boy who is an absolute delight. Caroline’s optimism, reliability and expertise helped to make this dream a reality and I cannot thank her enough for all her help, advice and support.

I would recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture for fertility or other reasons and I have returned for further treatment with her.

Mrs G, Hampshire
I came to Caroline at a very stressful and nervous point in my first pregnancy. She wasted no time in putting me at ease and making me feel more in control of the changes going on in my body.

Caroline strikes a great balance of being a friendly ear and confidante, all the while furnishing you with the benefit of her extensive medical knowledge. My baby is due in April and my weekly appointments keep me feeling calm and address any issues I may be struggling with.

I’d fully recommend any pregnant ladies get in touch, whether the pregnancy is high risk or not. The care is impeccable and very reassuring during what can be a worrying time.

Ms C, Ash Vale
I first came to see Caroline for fertility treatment as my husband and I had been trying for a baby for nearly a year and nothing was happening even though we had been trying everything, from healthy diets, to supplement vitamins, to medical help.

Caroline was very reassuring and after taking my history she suggested that it could take up to 9 months for me to get pregnant with acupuncture but hopefully it would happen earlier.

My husband and I were dragging another long wait, but thankfully things turned out well for us as thanks to Caroline’s help, I got pregnant in just under 5 months.

Unfortunately, the month I got pregnant I had a miscarriage, but Caroline told me not to despair as these things happen and reassured me that it would happen again soon.

She recommended that we refrained from trying for at least 1 or 2 months (ideally 3) so that I could give my body some time to recover and heal properly. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow her advice and even though I got pregnant again the next month, I miscarried again.

I was devastated but I also felt that this time it was my own fault for not having followed her advice. I am sure this second miscarriage happened because my body did not have time to recover from the first miscarriage and I rushed things as I was too impatient and devastated with what had happened.

Luckily, I went back to my senses and I did take a break from trying to get pregnant again that month. We started trying again the second month after I got my first period again and I am delighted to say that I fell pregnant again straight away.

That month, before I did my pregnancy test, Caroline told me to do a pregnancy test as, by taking my pulse, she could detect that treatment was working and she had a good feeling that I was pregnant and… I was!!!

I am delighted to say that I am 30+ weeks pregnant now and the pregnancy is going well and I am still seeing Caroline today for maintenance treatment and pregnancy-related lower back pain.

Treatment is certainly helping and I really enjoy having treatment with Caroline every week as it makes me feel a lot more reassured about my pregnancy as well.

I would definitely recommend Caroline for fertility, stress, back pain or any other sort of treatment that acupuncture can help with.

She is an excellent acupuncturist with a lot of knowledge and a lovely caring personality. I am the proof that acupunctures works!!!

Mrs R, London
I came to see Caroline after a recommendation from a friend who had glowing things to say about her! I had been trying (and failing) to get pregnant for over 10 years and was about to start my 9th and final cycle of IVF.

I had briefly toyed with acupuncture prior to meeting Caroline but had not developed a confidence in either the practitioner or the potential outcome.

Upon meeting Caroline I was struck by her friendliness and professionalism and immediately felt that this was the person for me!

When you are going through something as emotionally fraught as fertility treatment you need to feel there is complete trust between everyone involved and Caroline became an important part of my support team, along with the nurses and consultants at the fertility clinic.

I was completely amazed to find myself pregnant with twins a few months after I had started to see Caroline and it was during the early, fragile days and weeks of the pregnancy when I particularly lent on her for support and reassurance.

At one point when things were looking a bit uncertain, my bi-weekly visits to Caroline were the main thing that kept me sane and hopeful.

I gradually gained in confidence and am now 4 weeks away from giving birth – something I never thought I would be able to say!

I have continued to see Caroline throughout the pregnancy, partly due to the support I have received but also because it provides the opportunity to relax and focus solely on the babies. It is the time when I feel most connected to them.

Ms S
Caroline treated me throughout my pregnancies. I went to Caroline for general ante-natal health as well as to turn my son into the correct position for birth. Caroline is very consultative and takes the time to explain what she's doing, what is happening in your body, and what to expect.

Her treatments were incredibly beneficial for me. In each session I felt truly relaxed and that feeling of wellness continued afterwards. She was also successful in turning my son and bringing on labour.

I then experienced complication free, natural births with both of my children and have taken them both to be treated by Caroline as well.

I trust and highly recommend Caroline as an acupuncturist in general and most especially for ante and post-natal care.

Ms K
My husband and I had been trying to conceive for nearly a year with no success & we were starting to feel very despondent. I went to see Caroline after having her services recommended to me by my sister. I had an extremely irregular cycle after coming off the contraceptive pill which I had been taking for over 10 years and Caroline also identified a problem with my immune system which would most likely have stopped me from conceiving.

After seeing Caroline for just over 2 months we were delighted to find out I was pregnant and are due to have our baby in August. I have carried on seeing Caroline throughout my pregnancy and her pregnancy care has been fantastic, I have had an extremely trouble free pregnancy so far and have felt great.

I am so grateful to Caroline for all of her help, understanding & support and for helping to make our dream of becoming parents a reality. She is friendly, caring & definitely knows her stuff! I would not hesitate in recommending Caroline to anyone who is struggling to conceive.

Mrs S, Hook
We started seeing Caroline in June 2012 after almost two and half years of trying to conceive. We had seen countless specialists and had numerous tests only to be told we were in the ‘unlucky and unexplained’ minority who struggle to conceive. We got to the stage where we were willing to give anything a go and acupuncture was recommended by a colleague. Having recently moved to Fleet, we were delighted to find out that Caroline specialised in fertility – it was meant to be!

My husband and I both went to the initial consultation. During this session Caroline told me things about how I was feeling, identified previous medical issues that only we would have known at the time, all just by feeling my pulse.... wow! Caroline highlighted a problem with my immune system which was probably the reason for our fertility issues, and so the journey began.

I started with weekly treatments to then discover after just 8 weeks that I was pregnant. Caroline really is a miracle worker! I continued with the treatment throughout my entire pregnancy. Not only did acupuncture give the best possible development for our growing baby, it gave me the opportunity to bond with my baby as the pregnancy progressed. Caroline’s care was tailored to suit my individual needs on a week to week basis. She provided support and guidance throughout the pregnancy and helped with any minor pregnancy problems that I encountered.

We now are the proud parents of our beautiful baby daughter Eliza. We will be ever indebted to Caroline for the part she has played in our remarkable story which finished with a fairytale ending. Our relationship with Caroline and her team will continue for years to come. Thank you!

Ms R, Fleet
After 4 years of trying for a baby, I had become quite depressed and lonely. We had gone through a natural pregnancy with miscarriage and then 3 failed IVF attempts. The IVF clinic was unable to diagnose any issue, but recommended we consider donor eggs, even though there was no medical issue with my eggs, and the GP had only suggested that we relax and enjoy ourselves more! Coming from a medical family, I was sceptical about considering acupuncture, but desperate times call for, in my mind, desperate measures.

Caroline works wonders – from a diagnosis perspective, she identified and has been treating an imbalance with my immune system that meant my own ‘natural killer cell’ was more active and hampering implantation and pregnancy; and from a care perspective, she has been perceptive, sensitive, professional, supportive and encouraging. I still cannot believe that I am now 5 months pregnant, with a very smooth pregnancy to date – I look forward to my weekly visit to receive ongoing treatment and to hear Caroline’s words of reassurance and comfort. She is supported by an excellent, caring team, who work hard to accommodate appointment times with genuine interest and care for each individual.

Ms W, Fleet
After a long wait trying to conceive and then the upset and disappointment of early pregnancy losses, Caroline was the first professional who actually took an interest in and responded to my own personal situation. Many visits to doctors and hospital consultants had left me feeling weary and as if I were on a conveyor belt system of tick-box advice and treatment that had no positive effect.

From the first appointment with Caroline, I felt like my concerns were listened to. She was able to tell more about my situation and needs in 5 minutes of careful questioning and examination than numerous doctors had been able to do in the previous 18 months.

My cycle began to regulate within a few sessions, bleeding became more normal and pain free and within a few months I was pregnant. Regular visits to Caroline throughout my pregnancy have helped to reduce anxiety and relieve many of the common pregnancy symptoms that I’d experienced in my first pregnancy.

I’m now looking forward to the birth of my baby in a few weeks time and feel confident that my final sessions with Caroline will help to prepare me for labour and birth.

Ms Z, Fleet
Under the recommendation of a friend who had received acupuncture from Caroline, I sceptically contacted Caroline to experience acupuncture and give it a try. Caroline asked questions about my health, fertility, etc and met me on a weekly basis.

I noticed improvements in my health fairly quickly and Caroline gave advice on increasing my fertility with recommendations of food, health issues and also on the frequency & timing of intimacy.

Within a number of months I was pleased to announce my pregnancy, and Caroline has assisted to maintain my health throughout my second pregnancy.

I am indebted to Caroline for her expert guidance, and treatment, and look forward to enjoying the addition to my family in a few weeks time.

I would overwhelmingly recommend Caroline to anyone who would like assistance with a healthy pregnancy or anyone who is having any difficulty conceiving.

Mrs W, Basingstoke
Caroline was instrumental in ensuring I had a good pregnancy.

I first approached Caroline after becoming pregnant with my miracle baby. Just months earlier, doctors had told me it would be impossible that I would become pregnant naturally. It was paramount, therefore, that I did everything to ensure I looked after myself and the baby.

My sessions with Caroline had such a positive impact on me and my baby. I remained very calm throughout my pregnancy, despite dealing with a number of stressful situations in my personal life. The time also gave me time to bond with my baby and he became very active during our acupuncture sessions.

Since having Oscar, I have been blessed with a very happy little boy as Caroline promised. He was sleeping through the night by 7 weeks and only ever seems to cry if there is a real reason like he is hungry or has a dirty nappy.

Caroline and her staff at the clinic went way above the call of duty throughout my sessions. The receptionists are so friendly, always remembering your name and genuinely taking an interest. Caroline gave me a number of top tips from the best nappies to buy, to tips on what to eat and drink to help with my pregnancy.

I enjoyed and benefited from acupuncture so much, I am now keen to have monthly sessions after my pregnancy to keep my stress levels down. I have, and would recommend Caroline to anyone needing help with a pregnancy, getting pregnant or a range of other conditions from anxiety to back ache. She is fantastic.


Mrs G
Caroline was recommended to me and I’m so glad that I took the advice as its one of the most positive things that has happened to me and my family.

With our first baby we underwent treatment in a fertility clinic which involved the use of drugs with side effects and lots of intrusive intervention. With Caroline, there are no drugs involved and it has been a more stress free and spiritual experience which has resulted in the birth of our second beautiful baby.

We would definitely recommend Caroline as she’s not only provided fertility treatment but an insight into my body with lots of advice and support along the way about many things. I plan to continue seeing Caroline to help with other health issues.

A massive thank you to Caroline and her team, especially Sylvie for making the experience so wonderful.

Ms N
After trying for a child for 6 years including two failed IVF attempts, we were desperate for our third IVF to be successful. I had read about acupuncture on the fertility websites, but was not a true believer.

I can only describe how wonderful Caroline made my third attempt by explaining how disappointing my first 2 were. My first 2 attempts left me with low quality eggs and shockingly bad fertilisation rates, both of these resulted in negative pregnancy tests.

I came to see Caroline and went through my previous history. I started my treatments and followed the advice she gave me all the way through. Each treatment left me relaxed and was not as stressed as I had been previously. When I went in for my egg collection I was told I had 17 eggs, we waited patiently the next day for my fertilisation rates from the clinic preparing for the worst but all 17 had fertilised. The next day we were told all 17 were growing strong and we could go through to blastocyst stage. We ended up with 4 strong blastocysts and were able to get 2 put back in.

I can happily say that I am pregnant and this would not have been possible without my treatment. I cannot thank Caroline enough, the treatment is amazing and her friendship and concern is comforting and shows she cares about you reaching your dreams. BIG THANK YOU X

Mrs H

I found Caroline through the Zita West website and following various failed IVF and IUI attempts; I was ready to try anything and keen to understand how Acupuncture could support the fertility process. I started seeing Caroline 6 weeks before starting a new cycle of IVF, Caroline immediately put me at ease and with regular sessions was able to prepare my body for the egg extraction and embryo transfer. This cycle was successful and I am now 30 weeks pregnant. I still see Caroline regularly and she has been extremely supportive throughout providing various forms of treatment as required. In particular, my first pregnancy (natural conception) was fraught with back and pelvis problems but this time around, I have been relatively pain free. I have been so impressed with Caroline and her work, that I have recommended her to several people, including my brother who is now also a regular client!

Morning Sickness

During my first pregnancy, I was extremely ill with morning sickness. Therefore, when I fell pregnant for a second time, I immediately started seeing Caroline. Through regular Acupuncture sessions, Caroline was able to suppress many of the urges and alleviate the common symptoms associated with morning sickness

Mrs F
I have been visiting Caroline Dai at her Fleet clinic for 18 months and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I first visited her to discuss how we could enhance my chances of conceiving, and she was amazing at putting me at ease and discussing how acupuncture could help me. I am convinced that without her help I would still be trying for a baby – but following 6 months of treatments I am delighted to say that I am mum to a beautiful baby boy who arrived in the spring of 2012. I saw her throughout my pregnancy and it was a treat to have some time to myself whilst knowing I was helping my baby too. I have also visited her for post natal treatments which was very relaxing. My heartfelt thanks to you Caroline and I will return to see you when we are trying for number 2!

Mrs S
I started seeing Caroline in February 2011 after more than 5 years of trying to conceive and several failed attempts at fertility treatment. I had heard so many good things about her success with helping women fall pregnant and I was very keen to give the natural route a try.

In my first session with Caroline she immediately identified a problem with my immune system that was more than likely the reason for why I hadn’t been getting pregnant. This had never been highlighted by any of the medical doctors or fertility specialists I had seen previously and it was encouraging to have a specific issue that could be dealt with, rather than ‘unexplained infertility’.

Since starting treatment with Caroline I have felt more relaxed, my skin has cleared up and my energy levels are greatly improved. Caroline has continued to encourage and advise me on so many things including nutrition, de-stressing and positive thinking.

For the first time I have achieved success through another round of fertility treatment and I firmly believe that if it hadn’t been for Caroline’s diagnosis and treatment, that wouldn’t have been the case

Mrs V
After having a very irregular menstrual cycle since I began many moons ago and after almost 3 years of trying for a baby with my husband, someone recommended Caroline and acupuncture to me due to their affiliation with the Zeta West Clinic. We had already tried most of the more formal routes through the NHS and the next step was going to be IVF. After doing weekly treatments with Caroline for 3 months, I was delighted to discover earlier this year that I was pregnant. Something I was starting to feel would never be possible. Caroline and her team have helped make mine and my husband’s dreams come true and with only around 8 weeks to go until we get to properly meet our little baby, I cannot thank them enough. Since finding out I was pregnant I have continued to have monthly treatments to help with maintaining a safe and happy environment for our growing baby.

I must admit I was quite cynical about everything to begin with but would now strongly recommend to anyone who has been trying for a baby for sometime to give acupuncture with Caroline’s team a go. My husband and I are certainly pleased that I did.

Many thanks to Caroline and the team. We cannot thank you enough!

Ms E, Woking
After just over a year of trying to conceive, my husband and I were recommended to try IVF. After reading that IVF success can possibly be increased with acupuncture we decided to contact Caroline. We found her details as an affiliate on Zita West’s website.

Caroline really was with us every step of the way throughout our IVF treatment. For us it was very much third time lucky and our darling Jack was born on 01.01.12. He was definitely worth the wait!

We can never thank Caroline enough for all that she did for us. She provided such a support and really went above and beyond to help us in every way. All of the staff at Caroline’s clinic are very friendly and caring. We will never forget any of them and the part that they all played in our quest to become a Mummy and Daddy.

Mrs T
I first met with Caroline in September 2010. I was suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks following a difficult miscarriage and I desperately wanted to fall pregnant with my second baby. I found Caroline very kind and caring. She has always gone an extra mile to help me Caroline concentrated on my depression and anxiety at first and I was feeling much better within a couple of weeks. I had no more panic attacks only a month into my treatment. I was able to reduce my medication quickly. Caroline moved on to concentrate on improving my fertility and within 4 months I fell pregnant.

I continued to see Caroline throughout my pregnancy and this aided my problem free pregnancy and easy labour. I am very thankful to Caroline for helping me to become well and to achieve my dream of becoming a mum again to my beautiful daughter.

Ms E
Caroline has been treating me for pregnancy care throughout my pregnancy. During the early days, before midwife apps and before I was ready to share the news with friends and family, Caroline not only provided acupuncture treatment, but also practical and sympathetic advice to answer my myriad of questions. As I progressed through my second and into my third trimester, Caroline has been able to alleviate many of the annoying or debilitating symptoms I had thought were unavoidable.

As a result, I am now looking forward to meeting my first child in a very short time, yet feeling in remarkably good health and with positive thoughts regarding my imminent labour. Thank you to Caroline for making my pregnancy such a rewarding experience.

Mrs B., Fleet
Caroline was recommended to me and I’m so glad that I took the advice as its one of the most positive things that has happened to me and my family. With our first baby we underwent treatment in a fertility clinic which involved the use of drugs with side effects and lots of intrusive intervention. With Caroline, there are no drugs involved and it has been a more stress free and spiritual experience which has resulted in the birth of our second beautiful baby. We would definitely recommend Caroline as she’s not only provided fertility treatment but an insight into my body with lots of advice and support along the way about many things. I plan to continue seeing Caroline to help with other health issues. A massive thankyou to Caroline and her team, especially Sylvie for making the experience so wonderful.

Mrs T, Fleet
Just to say thanks for making all our dreams come true. Scarlett was born November 2010 and we are loving every minute. We cannot say thank you enough.


Ms V
Thank you so much for everything that you did to make my pregnancy and my labour as easy as possible. I never imagined a 6 hour labour without the epidural !! I can’t thank you enough.

Ms F
After a miscarriage, 7 subsequent months of failing to conceive again and lots of stress, I finally found Caroline and came for my first consultation. We went in to her consulting room and she examined my pulse on both wrists. Without me having told her anything other than we were struggling to conceive, she proceeded to tell me that I had lower back pain, high stress levels, a slight toothache and she even described in great detail what my periods were like and that they indicated where the problem lay. She was so accurate that I seem to remember I burst in to tears in relief! I’d been trying to tell my doctor for 6 months but had always been sent away with the comment “everything is in normal range”.

I continued to see her weekly after that and over the course of the next 2 months, I practically watched my cycle go back to normal. On the 3rd cycle I conceived a healthy pregnancy and Caroline detected it in my pulse more than a week before the end of the month. Since then, she has continued to look after me. She’s brought my stress levels right down, kept my pregnancy strong and well supported, dramatically reduced morning sickness, eliminated my lower back ache, calmed my digestive system, stopped recurrent heartburn in 1 session and, 2 weeks ago, she even turned my baby from breach to a perfect position in under 12 minutes!

I would recommend anyone to see her for whatever problem it might be. She’s the most incredible lady I think I’ve ever met and I know we wouldn’t be about to welcome our new child if it wasn’t for Caroline!

Ms S, Woking
We have tried for a second child unsuccessfully for 3 years. I cannot describe the stress and disappointments. Then a friend suggested I try acupuncture. Caroline gave me so much confidence that after a couple of sessions even my family began to notice a difference in me. After seeing Caroline for three months I am now pregnant and looking forward to my new baby.

Mrs W., Alton
Having tried to conceive for a year and a half I was in despair. I went to the Zita West website and found Caroline’s details. After three and a half months of acupuncture treatment I am delighted to find that I am pregnant and expecting my first baby in October

Mrs W., Fleet
After trying for a second baby for 7 years and seeing another acupuncturist for 6 months I heard of Caroline. After a mere 3 months worth of treatments I was amazed to be told that I was pregnant. I continued with the acupuncture sessions until after 13 weeks and I am now 20 weeks pregnant and still see Caroline for pregnancy care treatment once a month. Caroline – I cannot thank you enough!

Mrs H., Woking
Caroline Dai helped me during my second pregnancy. I had a lot of health problems and conventional medicine did not seem to help. She successfully helped me with anything from a persistent cough, swollen hands and feet and lower back pain. Even inducing labour worked!

Mrs R., Farnham
When I was 34 weeks pregnant I was concerned that my baby was in breech position. The baby turned almost instantly during the first session!

Mrs. W, Farnham
Our beautful little girl is now 18 months old and we are so blessed and lucky to have her I still believe if I had not started going to see Caroline we would still be in the awful place of “actively trying for a baby”.

Caroline treated me and my husband and when I fell pregnant with our 2nd baby we were thrilled and so relieved. Caroline then treated me during my pregnancy, she told me it would be a baby girl very early on which was fantastic news as we already had Harley. My water broke very near to my due date and nothing else happened.

Caroline then induced me so I didn’t have to be “chemically induced” at Frimley Park. I had a short labour and Jasmine was born relatively quickly with no drugs and no complications the following day (her due date). I took her home 3 hours later.

Caroline makes the whole experience very stress free and I believe she really wants to help. Our family have been back since and will continue to do so. Thanks again for making our family complete :-)))

Mr and Mrs D, Farnborough


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