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For a few years my daughter had suffered from long, heavy and painful periods, to the extent that she would have to miss school. After seeing her GP about the issue on a number of occasions, she was eventually given medication that unfortunately, didn’t really help her.

However, thanks to Caroline, all of her symptoms have been significantly reduced to the point that she can lead a ‘normal life’ during her period. We feel that Caroline truly went out of her way to help my daughter and we couldn’t be more satisfied with both the treatment and the results.

Thank you Caroline!

Mrs L, Hook
Having had an investigative breast procedure for enlarged axillary lymph nodes I found myself in daily pain. Neither my GP or over the counter pain relief dealt with my discomfort. Suggested by my Doctor, I approached Caroline Dai to see if acupuncture would help.

I am delighted to say, after numerous sessions with Caroline my discomfort has now gone. I found Caroline to have excellent listening skills, very professional and an expert in her field.

I would thoroughly recommend Caroline and her excellent acupuncture expertise.

Mrs N
I went to see Caroline as a result of persistent pain in my thumb joints and from the outset, the treatment I received from her was reassuring, highly professional and effective.

After only three sessions, the pain in my right thumb had disappeared and after several more, my left thumb (always the more problematic) was almost back to normal. In addition, Caroline also included treatment on a sprained and swollen ankle, each time making it more comfortable.

Going for treatment became something to look forward to.

Thank you, Caroline.

Mr T
Hi Caroline,

I want to put on my record my gratitude to you for the amazing effect your treatment has had in getting rid of my Trigeminal neuralgia.

I have had recurrent attacks over several years, the last one starting in October 2014. Regular doses of painkillers were only taking the edge off the pain and by Christmas, I was determined to find a cure. A friend suggested acupuncture, so I made an appointment to see you in January, and after the first treatment I could feel the improvement. Only three treatments later, the neuralgia was gone completely.
I know that it might recur, and if it does, I will be back in your consulting room immediately!

My thanks for your kindness, confidence and professionalism.

Ms M
I suffered hot flushes, night sweats & sleepless nights for over 10 years with the menopause. Since having accupuncture I feel so much better. I have now got my confidence back and am actually getting a good nights sleep!

"Thank you Caroline "

Mrs T, Fleet
In summer of 2011 after a busy and stressful time at work and a house move, I caught a nasty virus which developed into Chronic Fatigue. I was generally an extremely active person, but was left with very little energy and barely could walk 400yds let alone hold a conversation. Before my diagnosis, I had numerous tests and saw specialists before my GP suggested I tried acupuncture, and I contacted Caroline.

When I first came to Caroline I could barely concentrate for more than 20 minutes, it was difficult to walk or drive due to the sheer exhaustion I felt. On a usual short 7-mile journey I could only manage 3 miles before pulling over and letting my wife drive the remainder as I was mentally exhausted.

Having been extremely active previously and, used to driving long distances (and enjoying it) I found this really frustrating and depressing; it was also a worrying time for my wife and family.

After seeing Caroline once a week for the next 3 months, my physical and mental fitness levels greatly improved and I was able to start a phased return to work. After a further 2 months of treatment I had returned to work fulltime and I was getting back to my previous fitness levels.

The treatment and care Caroline provided helped me get back to full fitness (physically and mentally) without the need for additional medication. Both my wife and I fully appreciate her kindness and support, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Mr H
My baby boy, Charlie, started showing signs of wind/colic discomfort when he was just two weeks old. He would scream with pain and the nights were very long trying to comfort him.

I wanted to try a natural healing solution for Charlie and booked a consultation with Caroline. Caroline treated Charlie during our first visit and that same evening, Charlie slept like he had never slept before; his chronic wind symptoms had disappeared.

Her gentle, fast treatment of Charlie and her nutritional advice was second to none. Thank you Caroline - Charlie is no longer in pain and is a very content little boy!

Ms S
My 3 month old baby (who was two months premature) had picked up a nasty viral infection whereby she was admitted to hospital. She had lost her appetite, was being tube fed and had a nasty cough. Due to her slow recovery I contacted Caroline Dai to see if there was any treatment she could offer to help speed up my daughter’s recovery.

As soon as I spoke to Caroline I felt immediately reassured and hopeful. Caroline gave me nutritional advice to myself and my daughter and informed me of a treatment she could offer called cupping.

After our initial consultation and my daughter’s first cupping treatment I was astounded at how quickly she responded to the treatment. I can reassure parents that it was non evasive and surprisingly my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the treatment. I couldn’t believe the transformation that evening, my daughter slept for longer, her appetite had increased over the week and she seemed much more her usual smiley self.

My daughter had a follow up treatment and once again the improvements were remarkable. After a total of three treatments she had regained full health.

I can thoroughly recommend Caroline; she is such a compassionate therapist and truly works in a manner that her client’s well-being is of paramount importance to her. Caroline was so gentle, her advice, the cupping treatment and the massage techniques given were invaluable.

I would highly recommend Caroline, she really does work magic! One piece of advice though book well in advance as she gets booked up very quickly. After seeing her in action I can see why!!

Thank you Caroline, we will be back to see you!

Ms M
I am 68 and suffer from Arthritis and Osteoporosis. I recently consulted Caroline with excruciating pain in my right knee. I was finding it difficult to walk, sit, sleep etc and was unable to drive.

Painkillers didn’t help. After one session of acupuncture the pain began to subside and after the second session the pain had almost disappeared. The circulation in my leg was poor and Caroline has improved that as well.

I feel like a new woman and am now able to walk my dog again and potter in the garden.

Ms W
For more than 20 years I have suffered from constant and increasing pain and stiffness in my lower back and down my legs. I was unable to walk, bend down or sit for long. X-rays have shown some changes to spine and pelvis which doctors have been unable to treat.

Caroline was able - for the first time in my life! - to properly diagnose my problems.

Since I have been having acupuncture treatment with her, the pain has almost entirely disappeared. The other day I was able to walk for 30 mins without problems - fantastic!

I can highly recommend Caroline to anyone and I can't wait to tell my doctors back home.

Mrs S, Sweden
I have been suffering with IBS for five years. I have been asking for an allergy test from my Doctors, which they refused to give me. After several years they final referred me to a Dietician who tried several different food intolerance diets, which none of them worked. Finally after years of suffering I decided to try Acupuncture.

After just one treatment with Caroline I couldn't believe the difference I felt. After two more sessions she had cured me from my very painful and uncomfortable IBS. Not only had Caroline helped my IBS, but I feel all around more healthy.

I would definitely suggest that anyone suffering from IBS should try Acupuncture with Caroline.

Mrs S, Fleet
Two house moves in 7 months brought on a severe bout of stress. Without Caroline I don’t think I would have got through it. She has an intuitive understanding which often makes lengthy explanations unnecessary.

Caroline is a caring and empathetic practitioner. She was recommended to me by my daughter and I would recommend her to anyone unreservedly.

When I first met Caroline I travelled a round trip of 160 miles weekly to see her. I think that speaks for itself.

Ms P
Despite being initially sceptical about the potential benefits of the treatment Caroline can provide, I have noticed a significant difference in my symptoms caused by stress and anxiety. Caroline’s treatments have always been conducted in a professional yet compassionate way and have truly made a marked improvement to my life.

For once I have gone for few words but i hope they get my message across

Mrs M, Frimley
Hi Caroline,

Guy is going from strength to strength and is very positive about everything. He is pushing the boundaries and is going to try Games at school tomorrow afternoon and go to the school disco in the evening. He is really having a normal life now.

Thank you for your part in his recovery.

We have no more appointments booked, but will certainly be back if Guy has any problems in the future, or indeed any of the family.

Mrs N, Hook
I came to Caroline with a terrible back problem which other medical experts had been unable to successfully diagnose or treat. Caroline immediately identified the problem and over the course of two or three sessions I was cured. Caroline has demonstrated true professionalism. My experience has been first class. Thanks Caroline

Best regards

Mr K, Fleet
I went to see Caroline Dai as a last resort and it was the best thing I have ever done. After 15+ years of almost constant back pain and trying everything from doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, reiki, Bowen technique (yes, I tried them all) Caroline was the first person to diagnose what the actual cause of my back problem was.

Almost as a last resort I decided to try acupuncture and I feel that I have been very lucky to have chanced upon Caroline. I have now been seeing her for 4 years and am thrilled to say that I am now pain free with no sign of my initial back problems. Since treating my back problem Caroline has also been treating me for menopausal symptoms and high cholesterol.

Caroline is compassionate, dedicated and extremely able. I would recommend anyone, especially if you have a back problem, to go to Caroline for treatment as she has given me the new lease of life that I never thought I would have again.

Mrs P, Fleet
I have been seeing Caroline for various reasons over the last 18 months, such as a bad back, digestion issues and pregnancy with pelvis problems. I am thoroughly impressed by the work Caroline does, she is very professional and has offered so many useful pieces of advice. Caroline and her team have made me feel very welcome and have always tried to accommodate my needs.

I have recommended Caroline to many friends now and would gladly recommended her to others. I believe that everybody should try acupuncture from Caroline!

Mrs B, Hook
My experience of acupuncture treatment Although I have a very good doctor from whom I always get very good treatment, I decided to try an alternative method of easing the pain in my left foot. I had heard of good results of having acupuncture to take away pain. I had some trepidation when I entered Caroline Dai’s premises, however I was soon put at ease by the receptionist. I filled in my medical history form and was introduced to Caroline. Caroline explained how she could help me. The treatment itself was painless and lasted half an hour. even after the first session I had some relief, and subsequent sessions had a great result on my foot. I can recommend Caroline Dai acupuncture clinic to anyone who wants to try a proven way of easing pain.

Mr F, Fleet
After suffering with high blood pressure I was after finding alternative treatment other than going on tablets. After only 2 sessions with Caroline my blood pressure had lowered and has now started to stabilise.I would happily use Caroline again for any other issues and certainly be recommending her to my friends!

Mrs O, Church Crookham
A few years ago my husband and I came to see Caroline Dai suffering with painful, debilitating medical conditions which weren’t relieved with medication.

Both keen ballroom dancers, my husband’s painful knee meant that we could no longer attend classes. Caroline identified that my husband had a hip problem which was causing the knee pain and after a course of treatment he became completely pain free. Later he was advised by our G.P. that he had high blood pressure and reluctant to take medication he again asked for Caroline’s help. Again this was successful and has remained so since with a treatment roughly once every three weeks.

At the same time I also saw Caroline as I had suffered chronic constipation for many years together with all the other unpleasant side effects associated with this condition. I had tried every remedy known to the medical profession and the Internet with little or no relief. Symptoms improved vastly from my very first visit to Caroline and with regular top-up sessions I no longer have to take any medication at all.

Also, after suffering a very bad slipped disc in the past, which meant frequent bouts of pain and stiffness, Caroline’s treatment means that these episodes are nipped in the bud if and when they start.

With Caroline’s knowledge, practical advice and caring we are both able to enjoy our retirement to the full. This is priceless and we just cannot thank Caroline enough.

Mr and Mrs G, Farnham
I first met with Caroline in September 2010. I was suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks following a difficult miscarriage and I desperately wanted to fall pregnant with my second baby. I found Caroline very kind and caring. She has always gone an extra mile to help me. Caroline concentrated on my depression and anxiety at first and I was feeling much better within a couple of weeks. I had no more panic attacks only a month into my treatment. I was able to reduce my medication quickly. Caroline moved on to concentrate on improving my fertility and within 4 months I fell pregnant. I continued to see Caroline throughout my pregnancy and this aided my problem free pregnancy and easy labour. I am very thankful to Caroline for helping me to become well and to achieve my dream of becoming a mum again to my beautiful daughter.

Ms E
For 2 years, my left knee was very painful and I could barely walk without the help of a walking stick. Painkillers did not touch the pain and I was in so much discomfort I had to give up gardening and dancing, both of which I love. After a thorough examination by Caroline she told me that the problem was not just my knee but also my lower back. After 4 months of acupuncture I am now back in my garden and on the dance floor.

Mrs G., Farnham
Having suffered from lower back pain and sciatica for the past 5 years a friend recommended acupuncture. I could not believe it when after just one treatment the pain got so much less and now it has gone entirely. Thank you Caroline!

Mrs H., Farnborough
For over 10 years I suffered with terrible migraines which attacked me weekly and lasted up to 24 hours. After being treated by Caroline I have now been migraine free for over six months!

Miss H., Aldershot
Having had very bad side effects from high blood pressure pills I decided to try acupuncture. With Caroline’s treatments my blood pressure is now down to normal. Both my GP and I are delighted about this. Thank you Caroline!

Mr R., Alton
I suffered with I.B.S. for years. Thank God I went to see Caroline who not only got rid of the tiresome I.B.S. but also gave me huge support and encouragement emotionally.

Mrs A., Farnham
Hay fever made my life a misery for years to the point when not even the strongest tablets would help. Caroline’s treatment worked wonders! I am off the tablets and have been absolutely fine for the last two summers.

Mrs C., Farnborough
Having suffered with bad shoulder pain for over 8 months I was ready to try anything. A friend suggested acupuncture and I agreed despite my fear of needles. Now after just a few treatments by Caroline my shoulder is so much better and I hardly feel the pain anymore. And what is best – the needles don’t hurt!

Mrs R., Yateley
Caroline – thank you so much!

I have lots of dark marks on my face which always get worse in the sun. After just 2 treatments the marks are fading. Finally I can enjoy the summer with confidence.

Mrs P., Sandhurst
My 7 year old daughter is plagued by hay fever. Strong steroids and other medication did not help at all. We found Caroline, who has a special interest in treating children, and after just 4 sessions my daughter’s condition improved greatly. Now she is looking forward to her treatments and continues to get better.

Mrs P., Fleet
I have been suffering with hot flushes for the past 2 years, getting them day and night. After just 2 sessions of acupuncture treatment the frequency and intensity has decreased greatly. Caroline also helped me to reduce bloating and water retention and I am so very pleased to say that this worked too.

Mrs L., Farnborough
My daughter was 2 and a half and had been suffering with a severe cold for almost a whole year. This left her very tired, irritable and generally run down. I had tried many alternatives but to no avail. After 3 acupuncture treatments with Caroline the cold went and has not returned. That was a year ago.

Ms J, Church Crookham
My son was 3 when I took him to see Caroline. He had been coughing for a couple of weeks and no cough mixture seemed to help. After one session with Caroline and continued massage at home the cough went after about a week. My son loves the massages and now asks for one as soon as another cough starts.

Mrs R., Farnham
Acupuncture changed my life! Caroline diagnosed all my problems during my first visit without any explanation from me. I no longer feel constantly bloated and tired, my IBS attacks have stopped altogether and Caroline has even managed to increase my thyroid levels. Headaches, backaches and colds are a thing of the past. Caroline even helped me lose weight. I love my weekly session and cannot recommend acupuncture enough!

Ms S., Fleet
I had a prolonged chest infection from March to April this year. My doctor said that as a result I was suffering from post viral fatigue syndrome and that my immune system was very low. A friend recommended that I should have some acupuncture and gave me Caroline’s number.

Over the next five months I had acupuncture on a weekly basis. Caroline treated me for chronic fatigue, backache and a frozen shoulder. There was some immediate relief in my symptoms but due to my poor immunity, I caught viruses easily.Gradually my ability to overcome setbacks and an improvement in my sleep has given me increased energy and a much more positive outlook.

I know that this is all due to acupuncture. However, it is not only the needles that have helped me, but an important role in my return to health is Caroline herself.

She is intuitive, warm, sympathetic and supportive. I am very grateful to her for all she has done to enable me to approach life in a positive and pain free manner.

Mrs H
Dear Caroline,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for helping my severe circulation complaint. As you know my son had taken me to the Doctor as my legs were becoming very hard and the toes on my foot had started to curl under. They had also gone very purple in colour and I was getting a lot of pain. My son took me to the doctor who prescribed a cream and stated I had Phlebitis. My son was not happy with the diagnosis and suggested that I look at having acupuncture with you. I was very nervous as I had not experienced this form of treatment.

As you know I did come to see you and since the very first acupuncture treatment I have seen a benefit. You explained all to me and the severity of my condition. I have had over 12 visits now but the colour has returned to my legs and feet and the toes are getting back to being straight again. I have also seen a significant reduction in pain in the legs.

The flesh has healed and I feel so well in myself. If I was a hesitant patient at the start I would recommend anyone of any age to try acupuncture over regular medicine prescribed by a Doctor now.

I am 81 so it shows acupuncture can work at any age.

Since I started treatment with you I have only seen my Doctor once for my regular check up and he was surprised how well I was.

I will continue the remedial treatment with you for the health benefits.

Thank you once again.

Mrs L, Frimley


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